From Concept to Creation – Sevun Jewelry

Inspiration comes to Sandy from many sources. The strength and beauty of nature, particularly from her beloved mountains, of course play a big role in her designs. From these same journeys she also draws from the cultural artifacts and ancient architecture that left an indelible mark on her as well. And while she relies much from her travels, home provides just as much inspiration- if not more. Sandy finds a way to weave her family’s rich history and the stories of her close friends into each unique piece of jewelry – jewelry that transcends lifetimes as instant heirlooms.

As a GIA accredited gemologist, Sandy ensures that when sourcing gemstones, each sample must stand up to the utmost scrutiny. All Sevun gemstones come from responsible and credible sources and all diamonds used are conflict-free diamonds.

Once the gems are with our highly skilled local artisans, every detail is pored over and inspected until it passes our strict standards. With each piece hand-crafted with rare gemstones, almost every one of our collection pieces is one-of-a-kind.