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Erika Rasmussen

The sapphire pendant is definitely one of my favourite and most frequently worn pieces! It’s the final piece in a three-piece set that Sandy designed for me.

The centre stone (an unheated sapphire) was carefully handpicked by Sandy. She listened well to my requirements and took some time to find the best stone ever, which I appreciated.

The design itself is one-of-a-kind. I was keen to make use of some old diamonds and sapphires from my grandmother’s rings from the 1970s. These were items of sentimental value but never worn. Sandy masterfully incorporated my grandmother’s stones into the pendent design (you will see them all over the sides in a checkered pattern). The overall pendant looks like a little machine, full of intricate details. It looks wonderfully complicated and I call it the dream machine, as it reminds me of my grandmother and her blessings. It’s completely personalised and unique and has so much meaning for me. Thanks so much Sandy for your magic touch! This is perfect.


When it came to the design of the necklace, Erika gave me free rein but with one caveat: I had to include the stones from her grandmother’s rings. I knew how much they meant to her and how she wanted to proudly display the beautiful heirloom. I presented Erika with a personalized design that fit her understated, but elegant, style. Once approved, I set out to source the center stone- a no-heat sapphire from Sri Lanka.

Incorporating her grandmother’s stones with the larger sapphire was a challenge but one that I embraced. I took into account the overall size of the pendant, the thickness of the center stone, the quantity and dimensions of her grandmother’s stones and found a layout that did not make the pendant appear too big or too small. To accomplish this, I surrounded the center stone with sapphires specially cut for this design. I then used 18K black gold to emphasize the overall blue hue of the piece. The 18K yellow gold on the back of the pendant and on the necklace itself brightens it and adds a timeless, vintage feel. The goal was to make the initial impact of the pendant to be simple but bold when viewed from the front. The true details, though, are discovered when inspecting it from other angles.

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