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Risen Tan

When the time was right to ask my wife for her hand in marriage, I turned to private jeweler Sandy to help me in my search for the perfect diamond. After indicating my preferences, Sandy immediately started sourcing, always working within my budget and keeping me informed on the latest quality diamonds that came her way. Despite having numerous customers with significantly bigger budgets, Sandy made me feel completely at ease with her uniquely personalized approach. The knowledge and selections that Sandy provided was truly impressive, not to mention the service and patience demonstrated throughout the course of the search that lasted close to a year! In the end, despite the options offered by luxury retailers and online vendors, I selected a diamond presented to me by Sandy which offered the best choice in terms of quality and price. Sandy’s personalized approach also meant my wife was able to pick the ideal setting for the diamond and she could not be happier with that!

Over the past few years, I started referring my friends to Sandy and the conversion rate has been 100% so far, which is truly testament to the quality and value proposition that Sandy brings to her customers.  Good job, Sandy, and may you continue to facilitate marital success with your beautiful creations!



As a lawyer, Risen was, as I had anticipated, an intensely analytical and cautious customer. Our discussions over diamonds and designs spanned a calendar year and even minutes before coming to my office, he was perusing other shops researching diamonds. By the time he did reach Sevun, his thorough studies showed. He came prepared with a list of diamonds, their prices, and all sorts of data. He was practically a certified gemologist at that point. But I took his information and based on his criteria produced a few diamonds that fit his needs. In the end, he chose one of the diamonds that I presented and shortly after, he surprised his wife by proposing with that same stone. I then met with her to talk about her favorite styles of jewelry so that we could pair the stone with the perfect ring. I was honored that Risen came to Sevun for something so important to him and his wife. It was our pleasure to work with them and to witness the emotions and love surrounding their engagement. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of it!

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