About us

Sandy Ip’s love and passion for jewelry began with a dazzling red stone. An heirloom passed on from her grandmother’s father to her grandmother, it was then given to a young Sandy. Only seven years old, she cherished the ring from the instant she held it. When her mother would tell her stories of her grandmother, Sandy would grab the ring, cradle it in her hand, and admire each facet. The sparkles and glimmer of the stone captured her imagination and continue to inspire her to this day.

Years later, Sandy embarked on a journey from Beijing to New Delhi, where another rock left an indelible mark on Sandy: the sacred Mount Kailash. Located in western Tibet, the majestic mountain served as the backdrop of Sandy’s next life-altering experience. Surrounded by a barren landscape and drenched with golden sunlight that belie the arduous climbing conditions, Mount Kailash quickly cast a spell on her. She somehow felt at home. After her experience in Tibet, Sandy embarked on a series of journeys to the highest peaks in the world. She tackled the Annapurna mountain range in Nepal, hiked the snow-capped ranges between India and Pakistan, trekked through the Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador, climbed Patagonian glaciers, and summited Mt. Roraima and Mt. Kilimanjaro in Venezuela and Tanzania, respectively. This terrestrial tour de force, just like the sparkle of her grandmother’s ring, stuck with her and followed her back to Hong Kong.

Fresh from her journeys and invigorated from her experiences, Sandy focused all her energy and founded Sevun (pronounced “seven”) in 2015, drawing inspiration from the strength and beauty of the mountains she once climbed and her fifteen years of experience in the jewelry industry. In 2005, Sandy started a jewelry line in New York City, supplying vendors like Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth and boutiques in the US. Today, through Sevun, Sandy is providing luxury jewelry to clients all around the world, producing transcendent pieces imbued with the same mystique and magic of the mountains of the world.

She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Babson College (Massachusetts, USA) and a Master of Business Administration from Pace University (New York, USA). She is also a GIA accredited Graduate Gemologist and holder of the GIA Jewelry Design Certificate.