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Red Beryl (Beryl)

Red beryl, also known as red emerald or bixbite, was discovered in 1897 by Maynard Bixby. It is the rarest gem variety of the beryl family with an intensely saturated hue of red – almost resembling a very ripe raspberry. Like emeralds, most red beryls have fractures and can be oil treated. While oil can diminish the effects of the fractures and enhance the stone’s color, it does not respond to heat treatment at all.

Red beryl is only mined in the Wah Wah mountains in southwestern Utah and, at its busiest, averaged only 0.5 cts to 0.8 cts of facet-quality rough per ton. In 1990, the mine only produced 200 stones larger than 0.25 cts. Soon after, due to low production, the mine closed permanently. It is uncertain how many red beryl stones exist on the market today.

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