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Blue Sapphire (Corundum)

Centuries before it became the engagement ring choice for the British royal family, the blue sapphire was a gem found adorning the robes of royals and nobility. Since then, it has become the symbol for deep love, loyalty, trust, and sincerity. It has also become one of the most valuable blue gemstones in the world.

Part of the Corundum family, the blue sapphire gets its color from iron and titanium impurities. Most of the stone’s value comes from the quality of color with the most expensive sapphires showing blue to violet-blue. Depth also plays a factor as medium to medium-dark tones with strong to vivid saturation are highly sought after. Like many other gems, most blue sapphires are heat-treated – helping enhance the sapphire’s color and improve its clarity.

It is sourced from many locations around the world. Typically, the best gem quality comes from Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Kashmir. Commercial quality sapphires are produced in places like Thailand, Australia, Madagascar, Nigeria, Cambodia, China, Vietnam, Laos, and Montana.

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