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Ruby (Corundum)

With a nickname like “king of the precious stones”, it’s no wonder that the ruby has come to symbolize power, desire, passion, wealth, and success. With most of the stone’s value determined by its color, the ruby gets its hue from chromium. The most expensive varieties are the pure, vivid reds to the slightly purplish reds, with medium to medium-dark tones and vivid saturation. Most rubies are also heat-treated, which enhances its color and improve clarity.

For centuries, Myanmar was the main producer of rubies- particularly from the Mogok mine. But the supply has dried out over the years and production from the mine has become extremely limited. To satisfy the world’s demand for rubies, they are now produced from Mozambique, Tajikistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nepal.

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