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Garnet is another gem that has spanned many civilizations. Egyptian pharaohs all treasured garnet and ensured they were buried with them in the afterlife. In the Middle Ages, the stone adorned the jewelry and relics of nobles and clergymen. Today it remains popular and continues to captivate the hearts of many.

Malaya Garnet
In all, there are more than twenty garnet species. One garnet, Malaya garnet, is a combination of pyrope, almandite, and spessartite- a rare hybrid gem variety from the garnet family. It gets its trademark pink-orange or red-orange color from traces of magnesium and iron. Under direct light, Malaya garnet sparkles with amazing flashes of red and orange. It is mainly procured from the Umba River Valley on the border of Tanzania and Kenya.

Tsavorite Garnet
Mined mostly in Tanzania, Kenya, and Madagascar, Tsavorite garnet is one of the most valuable colored gemstones in the industry. The attractive gem is imbued with a vibrant green. Those in the bluish-green to green are the most sought after and stones with a stronger saturation and a medium to medium-dark tone are also highly desirable. Most Tsavorite garnets are smaller than one carat when mined and those larger than 3 carats are extremely rare (only 1% of garnets).

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