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How to Stay Positive in the Coronavirus Days.

Today is Valentine’s day, but because of the Coronavirus, many people opted to stay at home.

Coronavirus has so far infected more than 64,443 and killed 1,383 people worldwide. As of today, Hong Kong has 56 confirmed cases with 1 death. Schools are closed until mid-March with high possibility to extend further. Fake stories and fearful rumors are spreading wildly on social media prompting panic buying. In the gemstone industry, many large to medium wholesalers shipped their inventory and staff out of Hong Kong. Friends, clients and vendors told me they feel stressed, anxious and worried. Of course, I feel the same emotions, but I have also been thinking about how to make the best out of the current situation. Since today is Valentine’s Day, I want to share with you some of my thoughts. Because sharing is caring, and I want the best for you.

“Just when things seem secure, the unknown can loom, unexpectedly and large. Conversely, just when everything seems lost, new order can emerge from catastrophe and chaos” – Jordan B. Peterson

I see my whole life as a balancing act between chaos and order. When chaos looms, we feel anxious of the unknown because we have lost control. Order makes sure we are disciplined and functioning on a predictable way, but in chaos we find new experience and growth. The best way to live positively in a chaotic situation such as now is first to stay calm, then look for ways to turn the current situation to our advantages. Before the Coronavirus I was constantly on the go, whether it be going to work or flying somewhere. Physically I was tired and mentally I have not had the time to reflect.

Thanks to the Coronavirus, I only went to the office when I had meetings, the rest of time I stayed home. I stopped going out for all sorts of entertainment and socializing. This major disruption in my routine not only gave me time to rest but also time to reflect. I noticed things I did not think about at work when I was on auto mode. By gaining this clarity I set up new strategies in order to improve the company and myself.  

Thanks to the Coronavirus I now suddenly have a lot more time to do what I enjoy doing. I have been catching up on reading. There is a Chinese saying that a book holds a house of gold. I have all this gold laying around, some I read a few chapters, many are brand new. Now I have an ambition to read them all. Whatever your hobbies are, this is the time to indulge in them, given that you can do them at home.

Thanks to the Coronavirus I now spend a lot more time with my children. We went on a few short hikes, and the rest of the time, we learn Chinese, Japanese, read and play together. They have turned our living room into a picnic spot with tents (made by chairs and blankets). We also took a mattress out so they can climb and slide on it. Their PE class consists of running around the house 20 times and dancing at the hottest club in town (my bedroom) with their favorite music.

Thanks to the Coronavirus I have exercised more frequently and have been eating at home which is much healthier than eating out. I actually lost a few pounds that I gained from binge eating during the holiday season.

In this chaotic time, I feel more in control of my body and life. I want to make positive changes now so when the Cornonavirus days are over, I will be ready to embrace the sunshine.

Today is the day to celebrate love, and the most important person to love is yourself. Love yourself to know that you are enough, you are worth it. Take good care of yourself so that you can take good care of others. Love yourself well so you can love others well. Stay healthy and vigilant but there is no need to panic. Let’s stay calm and carry on!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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