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Being Fearless in Your Forties

Fearless—a word that evolves with you.

At 10, it’s riding your bike down a steep hill.
In your teens, it’s standing out instead of fitting in.
In your 20s, it may be bungee jumping (or falling in love).
In your 30s, it could mean spending a chunk of your savings on your first home or embracing a life choice unpopular with peers and family.

A few things it could be in your 40s…

Looking in the mirror and feeling good about your lines and grays

Physical beauty and aging are like oil and water—there’s no turning back the clock on wrinkles and gray hair.

Since time is cruel enough on your body, be kind to it. Hydrate, eat healthy, keep the stress levels low, have an active lifestyle, and do whatever else makes you feel light, happy, and young.

It could be spending loads of time with family and friends, taking advantage of what the beauty industry has to offer, or even chasing your dreams!

Switching careers or finally starting that business

You’ve built a network and your reputation solidly in your line of work, so it is a leap of faith to start fresh in a new one.

But if you’re going down a new career path—even if it’s a sharp turn away from where you are now—know that you’re not starting over. You’re bringing with you all the experiences that have shaped you into the professional you are; and are fueling it with new passion. That can be pretty powerful.

And according to this Forbes article, 45 has been shown to be a good age for founders. So if that idea notebook is bursting full, it may be the time to ask, “Why not now?”

Marie Kondo-ing your inner and outer spaces

Decluttering your home can be exhausting not just because it is tedious, but also because letting go, over and over, takes a lot of energy.

This is true for all the things you’ve hoarded within too: emotional scars, dreams unfulfilled, issues unresolved. Let those go so you can make room for new good things, goals, and even people in your life.

Grieving but not giving up

Whether it’s a health scare, a child needing you less and less, or a loved one passing away, life can throw some curve balls that’ll bring you to your knees. Go through the process and rise when you’re ready.

Stay fearless, Sevun Ladies and Gentlemen!


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