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Collection: 1918

When Sandy was just seven years old, her grandmother gifted her one of her most cherished possessions: a radiant red stone set in a gold ring. At that moment, Sandy’s passion for beautiful stones and fine jewelry was kindled. As one of her biggest influences and mentors, always guiding her, strengthening her, and inspiring her, Sandy’s grandmother was defiant and dedicated even at a young age. In a decidedly decisive moment she resisted her parents’ attempt to arrange her marriage to a general’s son. Instead, she married a young student who had just returned from finishing his doctorate at the University of Paris. Despite his academic credentials, her mother and father fiercely objected. Sandy’s grandmother never flinched and went on to marry her true love. Named after the year her grandmother was born, 1918 celebrates the brave women who stay true to themselves and aren’t afraid to follow their own path in life.
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