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Collection: SEVUN PETALS

During Sandy's grueling mountain hikes, surrender to exhaustion was an ever-tempting option. But laying at her feet, along the roadside, spectacularly colored wildflowers always caught her eye. The exquisitely pink buckwheat flowers in Manang, Nepal; the rainbow of tropical flowers on Mt. Roraima; and the fireburst of yellows and oranges of the Everlasting flowers at Mt. Kilimanjaro all showed her how such gentle, beautiful things could survive such challenging conditions. Inspired by the beauty and grit of the wildflowers, the Sevun Petal Collection Sandy captures the same inspirations of passion, love, and hope that these flowers gave her during challenging times.
10 Results
  • Aquamarine Petal Bangle

  • Aquamarine Petal Earrings

  • Gray Spinel Petal Ring

  • Violet Sapphire Petal Ring

  • Orange Sapphire Petal Ring

  • Yellow Sapphire Petal Ring

  • Aquamarine Diamond Petal Ring

  • Pink Spinel Diamond Petal Ring