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Platinum vs. 18K White Gold


  • Softer than 18K white gold
  • Less shiny than 18K white gold because it does not require the process of rhodium plating.
  • It is naturally white and slightly matte, it will not change color over time.
  • Because of its flexibility and soft nature, the labor cost is higher. It takes longer time to set platinum jewelry, as a result repairs can be more expensive.
  • Platinum is also about 50% heavier than 18K gold.
  • Since platinum is soft, the overall shape may become flatter or less round over time.
  • Re-polishing platinum jewelry can make it look new again.

18K white gold:

  • A mixture of 24K gold and other precious metals such as nickel, platinum, palladium etc. The ratio should be 75% gold and 25% other metals.
  • In order to achieve the white gold color, rhodium plating is required.
  • The surface is shinier than platinum.
  • The material is harder than 24K gold and platinum, so without any strong impact to the surface, the shape will hold.
  • Over time with regular wear and tear, it may expose a slightly yellowish color, which is the natural color of the 18K gold. It does not oxidize like silver.
  • Re-plating a 18K gold ring can make it look new again.

*Featured photo is a 18K white gold ring in its natural yellowish color.

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