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Star Corundum

Named after the phenomenal star effect, known as asterism, that bounces across the faces of the stone, star rubies and star sapphires are valuable gemstones that have symbolized good fortune, protection, and strong leadership for centuries. The Star of India is the most famous star corundum in the world, weighing in at an astounding 563 carats. The over 2 billion-year-old stone is the world’s largest gem-quality blue star sapphire.

These members of the corundum family get their unique visual qualities from asterism- the reflection from minute, needle-like rutile inclusions that are oriented in a specific direction. These stones can be blue, red, gray, yellow, orange, brown, purple, white, and black. The most valued specimens are well cut cabochon with an attractive body color and are semi-transparent with a well-defined star. Star corundum is produced in many regions with Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Africa being the largest producers.

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